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Developers – API documentation

When the module Connection External Systems/Koppeling Externe Systemen is activated in a subscription with EasyTrans Software, the Transport Management System EasyTrans has access to the APIs of EasyTrans Software.

The necessary documentation of the APIs – for programming purposes – can be found here.

Order Import

This document describes the fields that can be used to import orders into EasyTrans. The document is written for two audiences:

  1. Customers – External use
    Customers use a customer account to place orders with their carrier. A typical example is a web shop that automatically submits transport orders as soon as a purchase is made.
    Customer account credentials are used for authentication in the API. These are typically the same credentials that are used to log in to the Customer Portal.
  2. Branches – Internal use
    Branches are used internally withing the company of the carrier. A branch account can place orders for multiple different customers. A typical example is the integration of the API on the website of the carrier to provide a custom quote or order page for their customers.
    Branch accounts are not used by the customers of the carrier but are only for internal use.


Download the necessary documentation of the Order Import API.

Customer Import

This document describes the fields that can be used to import customers and their corresponding contact persons into EasyTrans.


Download the necessary documentation of the Customer Import API.


The REST API can be used to retrieve data out of EasyTrans, such as order details, status and POD information. This documentation explains the various endpoints that are available. Including code examples for working with the API in different programming languages.

Note: The REST API is not active by default. A request for activation can be done by sending an email to EasyTrans Software (Netherlands/Belgium: info@easytrans.nl / United Kingdom: info@easytrans.co.uk).


Read the necessary documentation of the REST API.